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ERR Generator 2023.02.17

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This program will automatically generate ERR packages including a Cover Letter, 3330-42, and 3330-43-1 for up to 20 facilities at once.

This program auto-populates several fields from a locally maintained database of FAA facilities that is updated periodically. This version is up-to-date as of 02/17/2023. This program will be updated on a regular basis and as changes occur, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided. It is your responsibility to THOROUGHLY review the generated documents for any potential errors, especially if your facility or your desired facility has undergone any recent changes to its level, type, etc.

At this time, this program does not automatically update its database with new facility information, and information will be uploaded here manually when changes occur. Please check back here to get the latest version of the database and program before submitting paperwork.

This program is open source, the source code and detailed instructions for use can be found on the GITHUB PAGE. If you have any issues with the program, please feel free to reach out to me on here or through the Issues tab on GitHub!

The creator of this program assumes no liability for its use. The user is responsible for being aware of all policy, regulations, and laws that govern the use of this program and any of its functions.
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