10/8/21 terminal class start


This thread is for anyone who accepted the 10/8/21 terminal basics date. You will likely have an OKC date of 11/15/21. This is for help finding study groups, people with similar hobbies, or for anyone seeking a room mate. Introduce yourself and let the convo begin!

He all! I’m the OP but wanted to introduce myself some. Basically posting some hobbies and study style if anyone is interested in getting together in person once we get to OKC.

predicted OKC start date: 11/15

Study style: Flash cards, chunking, group. I like to leave class, eat and study for a minute. Then go do something I enjoy or exercise before coming back to study some more before bed.

Hobbies: working out (specifically strength training), Highland games (the dudes in kilts throwing stuff), board games. I like to workout in the morning, but I’ll see what the schedule looks like. I’ll probably do hobbies at night after studying and then look at flash cards before bed.

My family will be up off and on, but when they aren’t here I intend to study and train basically.
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