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APA Centennial Tower
NATCA Family - Fellow Controllers - Distinguished Guests,

First off, just to let you know this isn't ATC related - just a personal request - I'm a controller at APA (Centennial, CO) and I'm also an author. I've published one book before and I have another book (sci-fi) that I'm putting up for a Kindle Scout campaign (for 24 more days from now). If you are unfamiliar with Kindle Scout, it is a way for readers to take part in books that get published by Kindle Press, which is an amazon publisher. I’m requesting help from my fellow NATCA members & coworkers. All you have to do is go to the Kindle Scout website below & nominate my book. If my book is selected after the campaign, everyone that nominated it gets a FREE Kindle copy of the book. All you need is an Amazon account. There is a description & about two chapters available to read on the Kindle Scout Page.

I’d greatly appreciate the help! Thanks!

-Brian Delaney

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Hey all,
I’m sure you’ve all gotten the email that the book wasn’t selected. However, it’s still being independently published. Thanks again for the support & nominating the book.

The ebook is up for preorder on Amazon for $0.99 (Releases Dec. 21st). It’s a sale price & will go up sometime after the preorder period. A paperback edition will be available on the release day.

Thanks again!
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