En route Placement List

En route Placement List 10/26/2022

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Does anyone actually think that a prior exp controller will be offered a center even tho enroute TOLs were issued?
yeah, faa associates some ratings to enroute experience. you can look it up in the terminal placement sop.
I just haven't seen anyone actually offered it and the facility placement list has no one assigned from prior exp bid to enroute they are all ERR or OTS.
I can' believe we're getting that many more trainees at ZMP!! We've already gotten 35 in the past 5 months and another 40 some people projected by the end of December.... MADNESS
Can anyone elaborate on how the facility placement and the priority placement lists work together? I see most of the places i would like to go to are in the top 30 on priority placement but on the facility placement list it seems to be a ton of oakland and LA???
Thanks MJ I have glanced over that before but I thoroughly read it this time. I like what facilities are high on the priority list so maybe if I choose one that is high on the list that my chances are better of getting it.
MJ or anyone, how is Oakland ARTCC #135 on the facility priority list with zero eligible to be selected but on the enroute placement list they are on there a ton
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