Facility Staffing # REDUCED?


MLU Monroe Tower
What would it take to reduce a facilities numbers, how long do you all think that would take, what are your thoughts on having that done?
Tried it. You need just cause, an agreement in place between your FacRep and your ATM to lower the numbers then you ship off your signed agreement and all supporting documents to your RVP. Good luck, we had piles of documents, traffic count, TOP reports, historical data, Controller Work Force plan numbers, sister facilities with the exact same hours of operations AND more traffic count/complexity with less staffing, etc and it all fell flat on our ATM's desk. Without your ATM signing off you have nothing.

As far as what I think about it, realistically, it helps 1 to 2 people 1 time for 1 panel, then you are right back to where you started with less people. Now if you're one of the 1 to 2 people who leave, that means everything. If not, well not only are you not going anywhere, your life at work just got a lot worse as they will only staff to 100% of your new number.
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