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Medical Is tretinoin a restricted medication? I got an email requesting more info...


Tretinoin (brand name is Retin-A), an topical acne cream/gel meant to treat acne.

According to the website:

"Topical acne medications, such as Retin A, and oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline, used for acne are acceptable if the applicant is otherwise qualified."

I got an email requesting:

• a signed/dated personal statement from you indicating whether or not you are still using the medication Tretinoin AND if you have had the presence or absence of any visual disturbance or psychiatric symptoms since stopping Tretinoin
• eye exam using enclosed form

I got confused because tretinoin is a topical far as I know you can't get visual or mental side-effects from it. I literally cannot find any literature listing these as a potential side-effect (apart from allergic reactions I suppose?)

I asked in an email if they actually meant isotretinoin (ie Accutane, and an oral medication), which I did take like...4-5 years ago. Hell, the bulk of their acne pharmaceutical page (linked earlier) is dedicated to accutane, and has those exact side-effects.

And nope, they meant tretinoin. That "iso" part makes a hell of a difference though.

Should I mention isotretinoin in my personal statement anyways? I'm hoping the person who reads it knows the difference between the two medications.

Essentially: Yes, I'm still using topical tretinoin (aka Retin-A). No I am not using isotretinoin.

I'm worried the person reading that will see the "YES" and "TRETINOIN" and idk...toss my file away.


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Doesn't work that way, be truthful and plain with your response, they won't "toss" it. It will most likely be flagged review, that's it, expect a follow up with it.


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I reported that I use Tretinoin and they sent me a form to have my doctor fill out. I sent it back and that was it. Now I'm at the academy.


Did your email say something similar to “Due to the severity of it, it could be disqualifying at the present time”?
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