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Leaving FAA for DOD

Discussion in 'FAA' started by Strongwater, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Strongwater

    Strongwater Chow Runner

    I'm currently FAA in a small low level facility and we are below national avg number to release anyone. I just got offered a position in the DOD in an area I want to be in thats close to family. Pay is pretty comparable. As far as benefits go is there anything I should be considering? Are FAA reinstatements pretty easy to follow through with?
  2. RL

    RL Certified FAA

    FAA Facility:
    ZTL Atlanta Center
    Not to hijack but to piggyback on this do you save pay if it is within the band and if you are above a GS payband do they put you to the top of the hiring band?
  3. MJ

    MJ Administrator Staff Member

    Everything benefits wise is exactly the same. Basic pay transfers up to step 10 (the top) of whatever grade you're hired for.
    Reinstatements are incredibly subjective, so "easy" isn't a term I'd use.
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  4. Strongwater

    Strongwater Chow Runner

    I guess waiting for another prior exp. or OTS bid might get me back in then if a reinstatement doesn't.

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