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Howdy all. The information below are the principles and guidelines that we've always operated under here on the site, but as the site's grown, it's become necessary to formalize them for everyone to see. Please take a second to read though, especially if you're a new visitor. This will be added to the help pages for future reference.

ATC is a small world, and chances are you know or will know a lot of the people you interact with here, so let's keep this a civil, useful, and professional (at least a little bit) online community. :yay:

Site Guidelines
  • Promote the exchange of and maintain accurate/quality information
  • Encourage and facilitate communication in a mature and professional manner
  • Ensure a friendly atmosphere to members and visitors
In order to accomplish these objectives, certain standards are expected from the users and staff. In general, be civil and respectful.
  • No harassment or abuse of any kind.
    • Personal insults, threats, excessive trolling, etc..
  • No spam or advertising of other websites, businesses, or services without approval from site staff.
    • Links in user profiles are allowed.
    • ATC related or user related advertising is typically acceptable in the Off Topic forum.
  • No posting of personal information other than your own. This includes names, email addresses, etc.
    • The posting of any personal information will be removed.

User Expectations
There is a lot of information available on the site, and it will only continue to grow. Please help keep quality information accessible by utilizing some of the site functionality below before posting.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Check to see if your question is answered in the FAQ. Repeating the same questions only makes it more difficult to find answers for others.
  • Search functions
    • Every thread, post, resource, and profile post on the site is indexed. Use the search or advanced search when looking for information. The advanced search can be used to search by member, date, tags, thread prefix, forum, etc..
    • Some threads have a prefix before the title (big and colorful). They are used to group threads under a certain topic (hiring bid, medical, etc.). Threads in each forum can be filtered by prefix.
  • Posting
    • When posting a new thread, try to add appropriate prefix/tags, to help others in their searches.
    • When replying to specific questions or topics, stay on topic!
    • Please don't post asking when a frequently updated resource will be updated. Information is uploaded as soon as practical, asking won't speed anything up.
    • Use the edit and multi-quote buttons when needed in lieu of multiple posts.
The goal is to moderate as content as little as possible, however, sometimes it's necessary. Below is a general list of when list of when to expect moderator actions, but is not all inclusive.
  • Keeping threads on topic
    • Resources, specific questions, etc. will be kept on topic more aggressively than general "discussion" threads.
    • Posts asking when a resource will be updated will be deleted.
  • Moving threads to appropriate sub-forums.
  • Combining multiple, subsequent posts.
  • Content that violates site guidelines or is otherwise inappropriate.
The warning system will be used to notify users of inappropriate content/conduct. This system keeps a tally of points for violations over a certain time frame. If too many points are accumulated, certain forum functions may be restricted for a time.

For users:
  • If there’s an issue, please use the report function.
  • Please be aware staff cannot see private messages unless they are reported.
  • If you have an issue with a moderator at any time, contact an Administrator via PM.
You can view current site staff under the member's tab.

Representatives Code of Conduct
Businesses or organizations which are represented on this site must adhere to the guidelines below. If any user notices actions which do not conform to the below guidelines, please utilize the "report" link where available, otherwise contact an admin/moderator.
  • Representatives must identify themselves to site admins if they intend to promote their company, products, or services in any way
  • No unsolicited advertising without prior permission. This includes posting in existing threads, starting new threads, and private messages
    • Advertising and keeping information current in your own forum/resource is encouraged
    • Questions/comments from users about a product or service may be replied to through any forum function. If the reply may derail a topic, it should be addressed in its own appropriate thread/forum
  • No "excessive" advertising, even if it conforms to the rest of the guidelines
    • There is no defined amount/limit. If it gets unreasonable or becomes disruptive, you will be contacted by site staff and further violations may result in suspension or bans
  • Truthfully answer questions about your services/products
  • Profiles and signatures may contain information or links for products/services
  • Representatives are encouraged to engage naturally with the community rather than taking a strictly "business-like" approach to their interactions
    • You may use any forum functionality (posts/private messages/status updates) as any normal user would, so long as it does not violate the above guidelines
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