5-15-6. CA/MCI

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  • 5-15-6. CA/MCI

    1. When a CA or MCI alert is displayed, evaluate the reason for the alert without delay and take appropriate action.
    2. If another controller is involved in the alert, initiate coordination to ensure an effective course of action. Coordination is not required when immediate action is dictated.
    3. Suppressing/Inhibiting CA/MCI alert.
      1. The suppress function may be used to suppress the display of a specific CA/MCI alert.
      2. The inhibit function must only be used to inhibit the display of CA for aircraft routinely engaged in operations where approved separation criteria do not apply.

        NOTE: Examples of operations where approved separation criteria do not apply are ADC practice intercept operations and air shows.

      3. Computer entry of a message suppressing a CA/MCI alert constitutes acknowledgment for the alert and signifies that appropriate action has or will be taken.
      4. CA/MCI alert may not be suppressed or inhibited at or for another control position without being coordinated.