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Would highly recommend staying here! Very informative and very nice when first began inquiring. Very easy move in process. Great house they had available fully furnished with a backyard and 2 car garage. Supplied all essential items that you could imagine you might need like in the kitchen for cleaning, in the bathroom, blankets and all in between. very close to the academy, took about a 5 minute drive. Was also able to bring my dog. Anatole wanted to charge me a ridiculously 800 pet deposit, 400 non refundable. Had no complaints and felt right at home the entire time. Plus and questions were quickly answered
I stayed at the sw 90th location on the southeast side of the airport from April till June. Hands down the best housing. Its in a quite neighborhood thirteen minutes from MMAC. Traffic was never a problem the entire time I stayed. Plenty of food vendors and other things in the area. Ellen and Connie made sure I had everything I needed. They already had a ton of cooking supplies. Pots pans crockpot etc. It has a two car garage. It has two rooms each with their own closet, full bathroom, roku tv, xbox and electronic pin coded lock on each door. My classmates places didn’t have anything. Not even a can opener lol. They had a cramped spaces with no shelter for their car. This isn’t a supped up hotel room, it’s half a duplex all to yourself and roommate. They’ll help pay for groceries. Pets are allowed. If you’re worried about getting together to study then you’ll have to drive out to meet them or zoom which is what I did. You have no noise from the airport. Very little traffic noise. The neighbors Ken and Steve are friendly and even supportive haha I cannot recommend this place enough. Very pleased with my stay. One of my classmates stayed in a newly bought location and he loved it too. Same set up I had.
I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay during training. Rob and Sarah are awesome, very responsive, and on top of things. I appreciated them consistently checking in on us about our stay.

The house had everything we needed: garage, kitchenware, and furniture. Being so close to the Academy was such a huge bonus. I highly recommend FAA Crashpads for any new employees or returning employees.
FAA Crashpads was amazing. Wonderful place to stay, close to the acadamy in a quite housing addition. Rob and Sarah were awesome.
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