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    Class date assignment

    At what point are you notified of your class date? Is this when you are also notified if you are Enroute or Terminal? How far in advance (Weeks/Months) are you notified of the date before you have to report?
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    En Route Enroute Basics 10/17/2022

    Anyone for the 10/17/2022 Enroute Basics on here?
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    En Route 03/20/18 Class Start

    I have just accepted this date for enroute basics course. Anyone else have this date?
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    Terminal 01/02/18 Terminal Basics

    Hey guys, Anyone else on here get this date? I just signed and returned my FOL for this class date. I've started a Facebook group for this class date incase anyone attending is interested in joining! We've already got a community going on there! Security Check Required There's the link for...
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