1. DisBoi17

    CTO in Military

    Hey y'all! So I'm a 16 year old in High School, and I've been researching some and it seems the best way to enter into Air Traffic Controlling without having to wait on the FAA, or wasting thousands of dollars on a CTI degree, is to get my Controller Tower Operator status in the military. What...
  2. S

    Military Reserves as an ATC

    Just wondering if anyone currently is, has been, or works with someone who is an active ATC and also in any branch as a reservist and how they handle the schedule. I am currently in the reserves with 3 years left on my contract and received a TOL. I know I am still a ways away from being hired...
  3. MJ

    Military Service Credit 2016-05-24

    Information on how to complete the process of buying back credible military time for retirement.
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