1. O

    W2 for academy failure

    How do I get a copy of my w2?
  2. R

    SF50 and W2 Salary Differences

    Tax question for the smart folks out there. If my SF 50 says my pay is X amount why would my W2 show about 8k less for the year?
  3. GMX

    New W-4 form and Employee Express

    So that I don't end up owing taxes or give the government a free loan with my money I do the IRS withholding calculator several times a year. I enter updated info each time to obtain the correct number of exemptions to withhold and then update that on Employee Express when it changes. I've...
  4. CF

    Facility Upgrade Pay

    My facility is looking at an upgrade sometime next year that would be backdated into this year. Has anyone ever had this experience? Did you have to file an amended tax return or anything like that when you got the back pay?
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