terminal basics

  1. J

    Terminal 10/27/2023 Terminal Basics

    Anyone starting Terminal basics 10/27/2023? I have reserved a spot at Kim's Place for housing. My in-person class dates in OKC are 12/04/2023-01/25/2024. (Not sure if it's the same for everyone in the same basics class)
  2. J

    Terminal Terminal Basics - 10/11

    Hey all! Wondering if anyone else got Terminal Basics starting Oct. 11?!
  3. robertvmarshall

    Terminal 11/30/21 Terminal basics

    Thread for classmates to discuss 11/30/2021 terminal basics. Congrats on making it though the process so far. I'm excited to meet you all!
  4. D

    Terminal 10/29/21 Terminal Basics

    Starting this thread, I've seen one other person so far with this date.
  5. R

    Terminal 12/22 Terminal Basics (102903) & 1/30 Initial Tower (102902)

    I got this date this week. Seeing who else on here has it. Got my FOL & EODS yesterday, so it's moving along. Leaning towards Kim's place to save some extra cash.
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