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    Roth TSP Matching

    Is there anyway to get the agency to put *matching* contributions in the Roth TSP vs Traditional? My current election all goes to Roth but government is paying into Traditional.
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    Retirement CARES Act Withdrawal

    IF YOU QUALIFY FOR IT, the CARES Act just gave us a chance at our TSP money that we wouldn't otherwise have until retirement. I withdrew my entire traditional balance to pay taxes on it over the next couple of years and will put it into a Roth IRA. Then when needed, I can still withdraw the...
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    Retirement TSP Tips/Tricks

    This is my 3rd year in the agency (25 yrs old) and I currently have tried to put as much as I can into TSP (10%). I currently put 100% into the L2050. Older controllers today have tip that I put more into riskier funds while I'm young like the C. Although there's the tsp website to educate...
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