1. mcubed820

    Intersection Departures

    Just curious if anyone around the NAS says "intersection departure" to taxiing aircraft when they call up for taxi? It's being taught by some controllers and instructors at my facility that it's REQUIRED to say "intersection departure" when giving taxi instructions to pilots. I thought saying...
  2. T

    Visual approach clearance to an airport without a control tower

    I was trained that the following two statements are accurate: An aircraft must report either the airport, the runway, or a preceeding-aircraft-to-follow in sight before being issued a visual approach clearance. Aircraft arriving at an airport with an operational control tower are cleared for a...
  3. T

    IFR vs VFR operational priority

    I've heard multiple people (including my sup on my radar checkout) mention that "IFR has priority over VFR." I usually call them out on it, referencing the Note at 2–1–4: (IFR aircraft do have priority over special VFR aircraft, but not regular VFR.) I have occasionally gotten responses to the...
  4. Alaroy12

    Vfr transition in RAPCON airspace

    Had a kind of weird situation come up last night. Civilian aircraft calls the tower looking for a vfr transition through tower airspace. I started to give him the information and approve his transition when I realized he was 100 feet above my airspace. I told him to contact the approach facility...
  5. MJ

    New Section: Wiki

    Years ago the FAA used to publish regulations like the 7110.65 and AIM online in HTML (website) formats. They stopped for some weird legality reasons. I've always wanted to bring it back, and now I have... in wiki format. pointSixtyFiveWiki is up and running at https://w.pointsixtyfive.com. It...
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