1. Alaroy12

    Vfr transition in RAPCON airspace

    Had a kind of weird situation come up last night. Civilian aircraft calls the tower looking for a vfr transition through tower airspace. I started to give him the information and approve his transition when I realized he was 100 feet above my airspace. I told him to contact the approach facility...
  2. 152 West

    ATC Student Housing

    A new ATC class is starting 8/12. 152 West will 2 beautiful condos available. They are three bedroom two bath two car garage. Great for room mates. It’s better to have a room mate to study together. I knew how important it was to find some strip boards as this is what is used in ATC school...
  3. 152 West

    152 West

    We are excited to offer 152 West to you! We specialize in FAA housing. We are conveniently located at highway 152 and SW 74th street, which is just three minutes away from the FAA academy. A short drive to downtown Oklahoma City and other area attractions in Oklahoma. Experience Americana at...
  4. D

    Becoming an ATC

    Hello, So I'm 24 years old and I'm very interested in becoming an ATC. I was curious what was the best path to becomes one. So far everything I have read in my position with no experience is apply for an opening bid for OTS. For that bid when is it, what is required, and what do I need...
  5. R

    OTS - Need to schedule ATSA but never received an email!

    Hi all, I applied to the OTS in July and have been checking aviator every week. I noticed the message change saying I qualify for the next step and to contact them. So I called OKC HR and asked what I need to do next only to find out they were supposed to have already sent me an email. I had...