1. Q

    Article 4, Section 4 question

    Two questions about A4S4. Firstly, it reads “the agency will provide priority consideration to the bargaining unit employee for in-grade/downgrade reassignment”. My spouse and I are both CPCs at a level 11, and I’m considering bidding a job at a level 12. Is facility pay level synonymous with...
  2. Super Salt

    Hardship Q & A

    Does a facility’s staffing level (current/projected) have an effect on whether or not they can accept a hardship? Such as, if a facility is currently at 100% staffing, are they still able to accept an inbound hardship? If there is a particular staffing percentage that is considered the...
  3. MJ

    NATCA Slate Book v2

    The ERR MOU sections don't appear to be integrated into the slate book.
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