change of station

  1. Q

    Change of station

    Hello all, I'm getting a lot of conflicting information on this and am hoping someone can help clarify. I ERRed from facility A to B less than 2 years ago. Recently I withdrew from training at B and am fast-tracking back to facility A. HR has verified that I still have some change of station...
  2. D

    Hardship and Change of station

    I was recently approved for my hardship transfer from one facility to another. Without getting into too much detail, this is my second hardship that has been approved. Last time I moved and received change of station leave. This time around our acting ATM is trying to argue that I don't get it...
  3. S

    Change of station leave

    I’ve been digging but couldn’t seem to find the answer to my question. Do academy new hires going to their facility get 8 days COS leave? If so, do weekends count towards those 8 days?
  4. astrocomet

    Change of Station leave

    I’m already getting pushback on trying to take COS at my current facility leading up to my release date. I know COS is typically taken on the receiving facility’s side, but the contract doesn’t state that this is required. Article 29 of the CBA states that, “up to 64 hours of excused absence, as...
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