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    Medical Purgatory Advice

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on whether I should reach out to anyone else within the FAA, and how to go about doing so. To keep it brief, I've been in the hiring process for few years, have had conditional security clearance for between 1.5-2 years, and as of this month, I haven't had an...
  2. K

    IFR Clearances On A Recorded Line

    A pilot calls over the public phone line and requests his clearance. Can you issue it or does it have to be over a recorded line? Even if their readback is simply "Roger", it still has to be recorded, does it not?
  3. MJ

    Security Clearance Information

    The amount of information needed to complete the security clearance can be large and sometime difficult to collect, especially under time constraints. This topic is intended to provide a heads up on the information you need so you can prepare ahead of time. A security clearance consists of...
  4. J

    Medical clearance timeline

    I received my TOL August 2015. I was deployed so I accepted the TOL but had to push off hiring processing until I returned August 2016. Picked back up in August 2016 and had everything completed by September 16th. Apparently I'm still waiting to be cleared by medical, but everything else is good...
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