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  2. Jeff_DOD_Controller

    Other than Natca time

    Context: So I am currently an FAA employee, been one for the last year and a half. I was military and a DOD 2152 for 4 years. I transferred from the DOD to the FAA- all my leave carried over, my time and everything. I understand my facility wasn’t natca but we were in a union (Liuna). I was...
  3. A

    KGTB - Wheeler Sack Army Airfield

    I’m interested in applying to a job at KGTB (Fort Drum/Wheeler Sack) next time one becomes available. I have some questions I was hoping someone can answer for me... -How often is the facility open/what are the hours? -How does the schedule work? -Does this DOD facility get holidays off like...
  4. L

    Medical Alcohol Use Disorders and FAA

    This is a bit embarrassing and personal but here goes nothing. Currently AD Air Force, early 30s, dual-rated, and will have AOC experience shortly. I got arrested last year on base for drunk and disorderly conduct. Long story short, went to in-patient treatment and was diagnosed with an AUD. I...
  5. O

    FAA to DoD Back to FAA Pay...

    So lets say Bob is a CPC at a level 12 facility making $126k rest of US locality ($109k no locality). Then he transfers to DoD GS12 Step 10, $82k base (plus 30% SSR, then 5% CPP) because that’s the highest pay for the position. Finally, Bob decides to join the FAA again, level 9 this time. As a...
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