1. DeltaBravo

    9G-AFPC-11503997-626798-TJM (Fairford, UK)

    This posting in Fairford, UK closed 5/24/22. Just curious if anyone else here submitted an application. Also curious if anyone knows much about the job, i.e. is there any additional pay such as housing allowance, any insight into life in Fairford and how’s the working structure with RAF.
  2. MJ


  3. Jeff_DOD_Controller

    Other than Natca time

    Context: So I am currently an FAA employee, been one for the last year and a half. I was military and a DOD 2152 for 4 years. I transferred from the DOD to the FAA- all my leave carried over, my time and everything. I understand my facility wasn’t natca but we were in a union (Liuna). I was...
  4. A

    KGTB - Wheeler Sack Army Airfield

    I’m interested in applying to a job at KGTB (Fort Drum/Wheeler Sack) next time one becomes available. I have some questions I was hoping someone can answer for me... -How often is the facility open/what are the hours? -How does the schedule work? -Does this DOD facility get holidays off like...
  5. L

    Medical Alcohol Use Disorders and FAA

    This is a bit embarrassing and personal but here goes nothing. Currently AD Air Force, early 30s, dual-rated, and will have AOC experience shortly. I got arrested last year on base for drunk and disorderly conduct. Long story short, went to in-patient treatment and was diagnosed with an AUD. I...
  6. M

    FAA to DoD Back to FAA Pay...

    So lets say Bob is a CPC at a level 12 facility making $126k rest of US locality ($109k no locality). Then he transfers to DoD GS12 Step 10, $82k base (plus 30% SSR, then 5% CPP) because that’s the highest pay for the position. Finally, Bob decides to join the FAA again, level 9 this time. As a...
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