1. D

    Ineligible for rehire because of resigning?

    I am a former non-cpc controller. I resigned for personal reasons and have been reapplying consistently for 2 years. I was recently informed, through filing an EEO, that I have not been rehired because I resigned…That is the only reason given. I was at a center and obtained a-side before Covid...
  2. T

    En Route 03/21/2023 En Route Basics, 04/24/2023 Projected Academy

    Expecting to start in-person academy on 4/24 so i'm browsing through the housing options that are listed. Is anyone else in this class? Where's everyone staying? Do we have a discord going already?
  3. M

    En Route En route basics 10/7/22

    anyone given an en route basics start date of 10/7? and then in person date of 11/14?
  4. C

    En Route Enroute basics 10/25/22

    Just got my class date 10/25 enroute basics
  5. O

    En Route 8/9/21 Enroute Basics

    Thread for those who have accepted the 8/9/21 Enroute basics start date.
  6. K

    En Route 07/01/2021 Basics

    Anyone else accept this bid?
  7. mjmcdoug

    En Route 4/26/21 Enroute Basics

    Thread for people who have Enroute 4/26/21.
  8. PlaneFlasher

    Enroute Academy Experience 2020

    Haven't seen one of these posts in 2020 so I thought I would make one since these two helped me. I graduated Enroute this past month after nearly 9 months in the system due to the pandemic and have yet to start training in person at my new facility. If you have any questions I’d be happy to...
  9. J

    Enroute PV Prep Tips

    I am sure there have been lots of tips and tricks throughout all the posted threads here, but aside from straight up searching “enroute PV” I really haven’t found much. I take my enroute evals next Wednesday and Thursday, and I am curious to know how others prepared/ studied for these? I have...
  10. H

    En Route 03/20/18 Class Start

    I have just accepted this date for enroute basics course. Anyone else have this date?
  11. MJ

    En route Placement List 10/26/2022

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