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    En Route 03/21/2023 En Route Basics, 04/24/2023 Projected Academy

    Expecting to start in-person academy on 4/24 so i'm browsing through the housing options that are listed. Is anyone else in this class? Where's everyone staying? Do we have a discord going already?
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    En Route En route basics 10/7/22

    anyone given an en route basics start date of 10/7? and then in person date of 11/14?
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    Academy Student Pay Raise - EFF 9 MAY 2021

    Message from AJG: "Dear Air Traffic Control Student, GREAT NEWS! As directed by President Joe Biden that all Federal workers wages be raised to at least a minimum of $15 per hour, the Office of Human Resources has informed us that conversion actions are being completed to adjust the salaries...
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    Post-Academy Housing Question

    Hello everyone! I'm not even sure I'm posting this in the right place, so if it's not, moderators please correct me and I do apologize in advance. I have scoured the forums for a few months and have been unable to find the answer to a question I have been pondering. For everyone that...
  5. 152 West

    152 West

    152 West submitted a new resource: 152 West - FAA Housing three minutes west of the academy. Housekeeping services, full size washer & dryer, WiFi Read more about this resource...
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