Academy Student Pay Raise - EFF 9 MAY 2021


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Message from AJG:

"Dear Air Traffic Control Student,

GREAT NEWS! As directed by President Joe Biden that all Federal workers wages be raised to at least a minimum of $15 per hour, the Office of Human Resources has informed us that conversion actions are being completed to adjust the salaries for Air Traffic Control trainees from the FG-01 to the FG-03. Due to that, you will see an increase in salary from $12.38/hr to $15.14/hr starting this Sunday (the increase will be reflected in the June 1 paycheck).

We encourage you to log on to the Welcome to Employee Express - Employee Express website and view your Leave and Earnings statement after June 1st to confirm the change looks accurate."


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How funny would it be if NATCA made headlines over this and declared it a huge victory on the part of the union lol? Like when they celebrated the inclusion of ATC into the paid parental leave thing after they were omitted basically by mistake, or celebrated no layoffs during COVID (I don't think there was one federal job layoff, was there?).
Everything you wrote is correct
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