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  1. RomeoTangoRT

    Post 9/11 GI Bill

    So I’m familiar with the use of the GI bill during training: 100% - 1-6 months 80% - 7-12 months 60% - 13-18 months 40% - 19-24 months 20% - Rest of training time Now, my question is: Does my time restart if I transfer to a new facility and start training there? And if that’s not the case...
  2. F

    GI Bill BAH rate for second facility

    Quick question. Does anyone know if your GI Bill rate is supposed to reset to the 100% BAH when you transfer via ERR? Im in the process of setting it up for my second facility and the VA is telling me that since I used 11 months of benefits at my first facility I will recieve 1 month of 80%...
  3. pointSixtyFive

    GI Bill SOP 2/25/2015

    The SOP contains all the information you need to receive GI Bill benefits while in training.
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