medical disqualification

  1. J

    MMPI TIER 2 and 1st class airmen medical

    I am mmpi tier 2 waiting around on the government. I recently believe I realized my passion is flying. Though I still would strongly consider atc. Will being MMPI tier 2 have any affect on getting another 1st class medical. I have a PPL and 179 hours or so. Would I dare say pulling out of this...
  2. HopeToBeATC

    Medical Just got BQ. Do I stop Adderall use now? Am I disqualified?

    I didn't realize Adderall was a disqualifying medication. I don't believe I need it to function as I was never formally diagnosed with ADHD. I started taking the medicine in college. My doctor prescribed it after I mentioned issues with focusing during class/studying, but they never formally...
  3. T

    Need a good aviation medicine/wrongful termination attorney

    I am looking for highly recommended aviation medicine/wrongful termination attorneys. I have been ruled as permanently medically disqualified for items that have proven to be above and beyond the FAA standards for getting a medical clearance. I have submitted and even been told by AMAS that they...
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