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    Past Medications and Ticket for Marijuana

    I took anti-anxiety medication from 2010-2013, but stopped usage when another physician determined I was misdiagnosed. I also received a ticket in CA for possession of under 1oz. of marijuana in 2012 (this type of charge has since been decriminalized in CA). Does anyone know what the chances...
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    Medical Isotretinoin before academy?

    Would it be okay to take isotretinoin before attending the academy? I'm not prescribed anything at the moment. I'm waiting for my scheduled medical exam. I'll definitely ask at the exam before I move on with any prescriptions but I'm curious if anyone perhaps went through something similar and...
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    Medical Allowed allergy medicine?

    I'm an a-side at a center and my allergies are absolutely wrecking my life right now. Is there any medicine that I can take and still be allowed to work ?
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