per diem

  1. H

    RV Living at The Academy - Am I Crazy?

    Hey there folks! I just today received my FAA Start Date email, and even though my Virtual Basics don't start for another 6 weeks, my brain has been racing trying to pre-arrange all the upcoming logistics of attending the Academy in OKC. (3/21/24 Virtual #178695 and 4/24/24 OKC #178696) My...
  2. B

    Per Diem Question

    How exactly does Per Diem get paid out? Does it get added onto the normal pay check, a separate check or something else entirely? Apologies if this has already been answered, I just couldn't find it then.
  3. J

    Per Diem Question

    Wanted to see if some experienced folks could share some of their wisdom here: Wife and kids are coming with me for terminal class starting on 5/13. Looking at housing options, it seems the monthly rate would be well below the monthly per diem. What are the options you have to receive the per...
  4. OscarGolf

    RTF TDY Financial questions

    I have been at A11 since mid May. The management has decided to send me to RTF now that Im on the floor ACTIVELY training. I was hired from the prior experience (navy) bid and skipped the Academy altogether til now. My start date at RTF is Feb 14. The question is how will the financial part of...
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