1. MJ

    CPC Reinstatement SOP 1

    This SOP outlines the procedures to be utilized when non-competitively reinstating and placing eligible former Certified Professional Controllers (CPC) directly into air traffic facilities.
  2. David Graham

    Developmental rehire

    So I ran into an unfortunate and unique situation, which is why I haven't been on here recently. Two months into my first tower my medical got suspended due to a previously undiagnosed heart issue. Not life threatening, but not FAA approved. I was going to be terminated if I submitted my...
  3. MJ

    CPC reinstatements

    4/18 EDIT: See my post further down for the policy memo. Also attached to this post now. EDIT: So the ATO has its own policy on top of the HR requirements. The important change is the length of separation is 1 year. See attachments. Some very interesting, mostly confirmed information. I say...