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    NEST Received a NEST list and looking for advice!

    The list is quite large and any advice/recommendations on where to go/NOT go would be greatly appreciated!!! I’m not too picky on location and I’ve been basing most of my decisions on pass rates/cost of living so far. Thanks for your help!!
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    Class C contract towers

    I was under the impression that the only towers the FAA has ever contracted out are "VFR only" Class D towers, meaning tower-only facilities that do not run their own approach controls (though they may or may not have a radar feed from the overlying approach). I was reading Against the Wind, the...
  3. MJ

    Overview of Initial Tower

    This overview was completed for the Initial Tower class, and is intended to provide an idea of what to expect, and additional information to help prepare for the class. Please note, while there is a great amount of specific detail provided for the scenario problems; this is one individuals...
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