Terminal 06/20/2018 Terminal Basics


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I was given this class date a couple days ago. Let me know if you get assigned this date as well. Currently trying to decide where to stay.
That's where I'm thinking as well. I was hoping to get into FAA Crash Pads but it sounds like they're full until late June at this point.
Got this date! I will be staying at Anatole based off recommendations from friends who recently went through the program. I'm doing a 3-month lease directly through the main office and I'll be able to save a bunch of the per diem. June 1-Aug 31 works perfectly for our class. Hope others will be at Anatole too!
I was originally scheduled for 6/13, but was just rescheduled to this class date. I look forward to meeting everyone! I'm looking into staying at an Extended Stay America which is really close to the Anatole.
Not in your class, but if any of y'all want to stay at Anatole, I have a 1br that I am trying to sublease. Having to leave academy.

I had signed a lease directly with Anatole because it comes out to be much cheaper. The rent is $935 a month, you'd have to set up internet (I used Cox) and electric (with OG&E).

Lease would run through end of September 2018, but I already paid June rent, so you'd just be paying for 3 months anyways. I would honestly be willing to cut a deal on the rent as well. Just contact me if interested!

Unfurnished, but I'd be happy to leave furniture behind (2 stools, 2 tv chairs, tv stand, 32" tv, twin sized bed frame and foam mattress).
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Correct, sounded like there were only 4 people scheduled. Thread title updated, facebook group updated as well.

Man I really hope this doesn’t happen to me. I’ve been making arrangements to leave for my scheduled date and haven’t heard a peep from anyone else with the same date.
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