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Good morning!

I received this class date a while back and was hoping a few more have been assigned since then. I look forward to meeting you all.
Nice! Where is everyone coming from and what is your experience with air control? Also I am already booked with Anatole on MacArthur South.
From Michigan. No air traffic control experience. Was looking at Isola Bella to stay. Hadn't heard of Anatole, is it supposed to be nice?
OK. I am from Florida originally but will be coming from Washington D.C.. I don't have official air traffic control experience but was a Tactical Air Controller in the Navy. I found Anatole through A&T Corporate housing. I like that you can sort of pick the exact apartment and know what it looks like. It doesn't have as many perks as Isola Bella like the food but it is close and seems a lot cleaner. In doing some research I found some not so exciting reviews about Isola Bella.
FAA Housing, Short-Term Corporate Housing
Apartments for Rent in Oklahoma City, OK | Anatole On Macarthur I - Home
Yeah I read some of those poor reviews for Isola Bella too but I didn't really know where anyone else was staying. Not really worried about the food service, heard it sucked anyway. Thanks for the info, I'll look into it.
Do you all want to start a GroupMe or FB page? I have a GroupMe as well as a FB account so it doesn't really matter to me.
Out of curiousity, when did all of you complete everything like medical etc? Trying to get a rough estimate for a timeline of when I would receive my start date/the start date itself assuming no issues.
Thanks in advance & congrats to everyone!
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