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En Route 1/5/18 Enroute Basics

Discussion in 'Academy Classes' started by JoeMevengo, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. JoeMevengo

    JoeMevengo Chow Runner

    Should be getting this class date in the next couple of days. Anybody else with lodging plans?
  2. Fos

    Fos FNG

    How do you know you're getting this date?
  3. JoeMevengo

    JoeMevengo Chow Runner

    Was offered the date by my HR rep. Just waiting on him to finalize paperwork to get the official FOL.
  4. Fos

    Fos FNG

    Oh nice. Still waiting on my golden call
  5. Ccossette

    Ccossette FNG

    Got this class date as well, I am going to be staying at Kim's Place. I know a lot of people that have stayed there and really liked it.
  6. Jjoy90

    Jjoy90 FNG

    I have this date but I live in OKC.
  7. JoeMevengo

    JoeMevengo Chow Runner


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