2022 Contract and new executive order


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What exactly does Trump want to do?

Each year regarding the budget, the Trump administration has proposed changes to our retirement and healthcare.

bullet points of the most recent proposals:
1. High five instead of high three
2. Eliminating supplements for people who retire before 62 (us)
3. Increasing our percentage of pension payments on our paycheck.


Right, but how do they calculate the facilities in. I’m at an 8 and we service a gs 11 and a gs 12 facility and combined they wouldn’t make up level 4 traffic in the faa
When FAA ATC was on the GS scale, non-supervisory positions capped out at GS-14. This is very dated (1978 ) but describes how facility levels were determined on the GS scale then (https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-ove...-schedule-positions/standards/2100/gs2152.pdf). GS-14 was rare, at least in 1978. On the terminal side only five facilities ranked it: New York Common IFR Room, Chicago O'Hare, Atlanta International, Oakland Bay TRACON, and the Los Angeles International terminals. On the enroute side only three: Chicago, New York and Cleveland centers.

I would guess a current level 8 would most likely fall under the GS-12 criteria, at least when looking at this very dated document.


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Oh I know but if you can put that 6k credit into a backdoor Roth you wouldn’t be otherwise funding I think you still come out ahead.
I need to look into that, I know I’m making the amount where I can’t pull full into a Roth IRA
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