A80/LAX MOU terminated


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The A80/LAX MOU has been terminated, effective immediately. It has been replaced with this document (attached). On the surface, it appears the only thing this new agreement accomplishes is guaranteeing return rights if you're able to transfer to A80/LAX. It appears they will now follow the NCEPT ranking list and only Cat 1 or Cat 2 facilities will be eligible if an opening exists. Neither facility will be eligible to select anyone tomorrow if it works how I believe this new document is intended.

Perhaps @Robertb could shed more light on it.


  • A80-LAX Return Rights Final 13 Jun 18.pdf
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Locally we (local executive board) knew this was coming for the last few weeks. We are overloaded with trainees at the moment (52 I think, around 12-15 will not be training here by August/September due to hardships, leaving the agency for DOD, training failures, etc). Other losses, 2 retirements, 1 staff support detail, 1-2 TMU, and 1-2 FLMs being pulled from the CPCs. Many people are waiting, for months, to get classroom besides FD. The new MOU change will prevent the NEST Lotto from being played if someone is selected here, but you’ll have to meet the NCEPT requirements to be selected now.
Was people doing the NEST lotto causing a lot of angst? Most of the lists I saw offered to people were dismal
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