Anyone have experience with hiring movers?


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Concur with upack.

Tried a moving company American Van Lines... seemed great from website to phone calls and all steps of the process. Scheduled pickup window tue-thu. with delivery wed-fri. Starting at new facilty Monday. The Mon afternoon before the Tuesday they called and said “the job before me was bigger than they thought and that they wouldn’t have a truck available but we’re reaching out to “partners” and other companies to see what they could do”. Sure Jan. Tues am I call to find out the status, “still looking”. Wed am I call, “still looking”. Wed pm I start looking into any and all other options. Thurs am realize I’ve been had and they’re a broker despite saying they’re not and no one will be showing up and spend all of the morning fighting to get my deposits back and basically threatening legal action to get it back... wasn’t happening so I get names and the agreement to refund in writing so I finally got it back. Thurs pm end up booking a private local moving company for 2.5x the cost to pick up Fri am while I drive down to beat them there, they deliver fri night, and I show up a wreck Monday am but at least I showed up. The movers industry is full of scams and shady shit. So be careful. You get what you pay for. Big lesson for me here :(

But 12.5 years ago I used upack relocube to go halfway across country and had good results. Pods probably similar but more expensive. If you really want to ensure your shit gets there then do it yourself but seems like UPack is the front runner here.