Conflict of Interest?


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I know controllers are not allowed to work for airlines as its a conflict of interest, but does the same hold for spouses? Im at an airport that doesnt get commercial traffic so there would be no preferential treatment to whatever airline she works for.
Per the slate book, all outside employment is in reference to the employee only and does not carry over to the spouse.

Section 1. In accordance with 5 CFR 2635.101(b)(10) and (14),
2635.801(c), and FAA Order 3750.7, outside employment in general is
permitted so long as it neither conflicts with official government duties
and responsibilities nor appears to do so. Employees are permitted to
engage in outside aviation employment so long as the outside employer
does not conduct activities for which the employee's facility or office has
official responsibility.

The Agency shall maintain a list of ethics officials on the Office of the
Chief Counsel (AGC) website with whom employees may consult for
determinations of the propriety of an outside employment opportunity.

Section 2. Should an employee submit a written request for prior
approval, it will be acted upon as soon as possible, generally within thirty
(30) days of receipt. When the employee accepts outside employment
without prior approval due to the Agency's failure to respond within thirty
(30) days to his/her written request for a determination of propriety, the
Agency will take this into consideration should disciplinary action later be

Section 3. If prior approval is given and it is later determined that such
employment is inconsistent with the provisions of Section 1, the
following shall apply upon written notification to the employee:
a. If the outside employment is specifically prohibited by law, the
employee shall cease the employment immediately.
b. In all other cases, the employee shall cease the employment within
fourteen (14) days.
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