Looking up a specific facility's locality pay


I'm looking at the ATSPP pay tables published by the FAA. I'm confused how you know what "locality" a given facility is in.

For example, if I want to look up LAF tower, there are several localities that could be feasible:

Chicago-Gary-Kenosha, Illinois - Indiana - Wisconsin
Cincinnati-Hamilton, Ohio - Kentucky - Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Rest of United States

Now if I look at the resource page on here for LAF, it appears that the listed 15.37% matches with "Rest of United States." But to figure that out takes several steps, some guessing, and back-referencing.

Is there a better way to figure out which locality each facility fits into? Some way to associate them more quickly and accurately? Especially if I don't know the geography of a given facility?
Thank you! So the shaded areas correspond to all of the named localities? How did you know the boundaries of each locality? And is this data available as in a table or similar format so I could get a better overview?
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