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Hopefully some come here to make themselves available for questions, but if not we planned on sending a letter with a handful of questions to each candidate and then posting their replies. So, if you have a question you would like to hear everyone's position on, please post it here. If you have the same question that someone else posted, like it, so questions aren't duplicated.

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In an effort to solicit from the forum membership a variety of questions to put to the NATCA Presidential Candidates, please feel free to add to the following:

  • Do you support Term Limits for the entire Executive Board (Not to exceed 2 terms)?

  • Supporting “stable and predictable” funding stream, how would you be “in the room” if a piece of flawed legislation was pushed forward?

  • Should any decision to support a particular piece of legislation be subject to approval and vote by the entire NATCA membership?

  • How do you intend, or what are you plans to hold the Union to a path of fiscal responsibility for conventions, events, etc.?

  • Do you intend to publish the information on PAC donations?

  • How are you proposing to publish PAC donation information? (Quarterly Report or something of this nature)

  • Should every decision related to PAC expenditures be approved by vote during Executive Board meetings (to include notification to all PAC contributors)?
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  • What are your thoughts on NCEPT? Are they're any changes you will seek to implement?
  • RE: the ERR MOU, do you feel a major change/amendment to the contract, especially something that materially changes the future employment prospects and career path, should be agreed to by the membership before being implemented?
My questions. Some may be poorly worded, but here they are in some form or another...
-I’m curious as to his thoughts on us receiving a contract signing bonus, yet at the same time, the union is negotiating preferential treatment for one facility (N90) even though other facilities (A80, C90, ZNY, etc.) were just as equally bad staffed or even worse staffed. Also, what was left on the table to be filtered elsewhere (N90 bonuses, kickbacks for privatization, etc) to give us a 1% signing bonus and 1.6% pay increases each year (doesn’t even keep up with inflation) versus say no signing bonus, but 1.8-2.0% or higher for each year of the contract?
-What is with all the deviation requests and approvals on NCEPT? It was fed to us as a way to stop screwing controllers and tie sup, TMU, etc staffing to ours to ensure the controllers wouldn’t continually be short staffed while filling other less important positions.
-Why aren’t the most qualified people being selected and moving now that A80, C90, N90, and LAX have MOUs? Why are we being sent unqualified individuals versus more qualified ones given that the MOU allows us to pick from any facility except the above and D10?
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