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Well I think the title about says it all there, was curious if there is any difference between controller retirement and supervisor retirement?
Anyone know what kind of raises FLMs have gotten in the past 5-10 years or so? Besides the January general raise that everyone gets.
This is actually a topic I’d like to cover more. I tried finding some more info and didn’t come up with much. The one thing maybe relevant to OP I know of would be the MRA30 info. It’s linked in the pay faq
I thought supervisors got raises based on their evaluations... Or is that a thing of the past like when controllers did too?
I was also going to chime in and say this too. In the past, their raises were anywhere between 0-5% and it was based on their evaluations. Any current FLM's that can confirm the current structure?
I heard something about a list of Agency goals that the FAA was aiming towards and the raises were based on the % of list completion. OSI Operational Success Increase. There is some info on under pay and performance.

“Selecting OSI goals each fiscal year is an agency-wide process. All FAA lines of business and staff offices propose, review, and discuss the goals over the course of several months. Upon drafting a final list, the agency’s senior leadership recommends approval by the Administrator. The goals reflect the agency’s priorities for this fiscal year and the Administrator will use the goals for pay-for-performance decisions. The OSIs are measurable and aggressive, but achievable and are designed to allow employees to establish a line of sight between their work and the Agency’s major goals.”
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From an FLM friend

For an FLM:
0-4% (unsure of top number) for raises from the FAA + any executive raises
No difference for retirement (except the MRA30 I linked above). However, higher base pay would mean higher retirement pay.

Other levels of management are different because they don’t fall under the special retirement criteria controllers get.
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