Want a long weekend?


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if you want some extra leave...

We lost a 3 day suspension out of ZLC where the controller was offering aircraft direct "dildo" when the fix is actually "dilho". NATCA views this as unprofessional and unacceptable behavior on the frequency, however does this warrant a 3 day suspension?
there's some giggity ones out there.. we have a vortac called chisum (chiz-um). you can guess how that gets read back. Also Dillo, near austin, pretty similar to the OP :)
there is an IAF JAXOV and there is a registered cheyenne D-ILDO, BLAH
Oh man, someone has it out for boise. Until recently we had FAFs of EREXE, AYNUL, MUFPI, etc. We still have DIKAK, an arrival called the BEWTE2, and three fixes in a row they recently gave us called LICKS DEETZ NAATZ. There's probably a dozen more that are questionable.
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