What Vehicle Do You Drive?


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This question is kind of interesting, I remember coming out of the academy when I reported to a level twelve center I thought the parking lot would look like a car show. There were some gems but 90% of the lot looked like exactly what you would see at the mall, and I felt like a bit of a ass showing up in a newer BMW I had purchased at my old job before starting ATC.

As others said lots of individual situations, some people know finance and have lots of nice things, some get divorced twice before 35 so they split the high income three ways, some are inexplicably in super high debt despite the income, some use the majority of the money to take care of kids or elderly parents, etc....


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I've seen people at level 5s and 6s with no kids driving Audi's and Mercedes. Me with a wife and 2 kids the nicest vehicle I'd be getting is a Chrysler Pacifica #stowandgoseating. You know what nicer than driving a Tesla, Jag or BMW; having your kids sit a foot from each other and not fighting for 7 hours in a car.


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Well better do it quick cause Ford is going to stop selling cars other than the Mustang in the US in 2019. SUV and trucks only.
I had heard that but never went back to check if it was true. Oh well


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I love my ST. Even the base model has enough features to feel like a modern car and the performance is the same on all 3 trims. Fun as hell to drive and the mod market is good. The engine has a ton of power hidden in it if you're into that kind of thing.


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What?! The Stratus R/T actually was a sporty little car.
Stratus R/T, Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mercury Cougar are all fun cars from that early 2000s generation.
One of my vehicles may be from that group.
Please don’t forget my 1999 Chrysler Sebring 2 door coupe! 😎