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    Issue the following clearance items, as appropriate, in the order listed below:

    1. Aircraft identification.
    2. Clearance limit.
      1. When the clearance limit is an airport, the word “airport” must follow the airport name.
        • CLEARED TO (destination) AIRPORT.
      2. When the clearance limit is a NAVAID, and the NAVAID type is known, the type of NAVAID must follow the NAVAID name.
        • CLEARED TO (NAVAID name and type).
      3. When the clearance limit is an intersection or waypoint, and the type is known, the type must follow the intersection or waypoint name.
        • CLEARED TO (intersection or waypoint name and type).
    3. Standard Instrument Departure (SID) or vectors, where applicable.
    4. Route of flight including ADR/ADAR/AAR when applied.
    5. Altitude data in the order flown.
    6. Mach number, if applicable.
    7. USAF. When issuing a clearance to an airborne aircraft containing an altitude assignment, do not include more than one of the following in the same transmission:
      1. Frequency change.
      2. Transponder change.
      3. Heading.
      4. Altimeter setting.
      5. Traffic information containing an altitude.
    8. Holding instructions.
    9. Any special information.
    10. Frequency and beacon code information.
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