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    Specify the following in the approach clearance when the pilot says he/she is unfamiliar with the procedure:

    1. Initial approach altitude.
    2. Direction and distance from the holding fix within which procedure turn is to be completed.
    3. Altitude at which the procedure turn is to be made.
    4. Final approach course and altitude.
    5. Missed approach procedures if considered necessary.
      • INITIAL APPROACH AT (altitude), PROCEDURE TURN AT (altitude), (number) MINUTES/MILES (direction), FINAL APPROACH ON (name of NAVAID) (specified) COURSE/RADIAL/AZIMUTH AT (altitude).
    6. Applicable notations on instrument approach charts which levy on the pilot the responsibility to comply with or act on an instruction; for example, “Straight-in minima not authorized at night,” “Procedure not authorized when glideslope/glidepath not used,” “Use of procedure limited to aircraft authorized to use airport,” “Procedure not authorized at night,” or a Snowflake icon indicating mandatory cold temperature compensation.
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