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    1. Inform aircraft on initial contact whenever this service cannot be provided because of radar outage and apply para 7-1-3, Approach Control Service for VFR Arriving Aircraft.
    2. Provide the service, to the extent possible using an available frequency, if an aircraft desires the service but cannot communicate on the appropriate frequencies. Aircraft which do not desire radar service may be fitted into the landing sequence by the tower. Coordination of these aircraft must be accomplished with the approach control unless a facility directive/LOA prescribes otherwise. Nonparticipating aircraft must, to the extent possible, be given the same landing sequence they would have received had they been sequenced by radar vectors.
    3. Radar sequencing to the primary airport, when local procedures have been developed, must be provided unless the pilot states that the service is not requested. Arriving aircraft are assumed to want radar service unless the pilot states “Negative radar service,” or makes a similar comment.
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