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  • 7-6-7. SEQUENCING

    1. Establish radar contact before instructing a VFR aircraft to enter the traffic pattern at a specified point or vectoring the aircraft to a position in the approach sequence. Inform the pilot of the aircraft to follow when the integrity of the approach sequence is dependent on following a preceding aircraft. Ensure visual contact is established with the aircraft to follow and provide instruction to follow that aircraft.
      • FOLLOW (description) (position, if necessary).
    2. Direct a VFR aircraft to a point near the airport to hold when a position is not available in the approach sequence for the runway in use. The aircraft may be vectored to another runway after coordination with the tower.
    3. Apply the following procedures to a VFR aircraft being radar sequenced:
      1. The provisions of Paragraph 5-5-4, Minima, subparagraphs g and h.
      2. When parallel runways are less than 2,500 feet apart, do not permit a super or heavy aircraft to overtake any aircraft, nor a B757 or other large aircraft to overtake a small aircraft established on final within the facility's area of responsibility.
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