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    Consider that an aircraft emergency exists and inform the RCC or ARTCC if:

    NOTE: USAF facilities are only required to notify the ARTCC.

    1. An emergency is declared by any on the following:
      1. The pilot.
      2. Facility personnel.
      3. Officials responsible for the operation of the aircraft.
      4. A system-generated transmission from an aircraft.
    2. There is unexpected loss of radar contact and radio communications with any IFR or VFR aircraft.
    3. Reports indicate it has made a forced landing, is about to do so, or its operating efficiency is so impaired that a forced landing will be necessary.
    4. Reports indicate the crew has abandoned the aircraft or is about to do so.
    5. An emergency transponder code is displayed or reported.

      NOTE: EN ROUTE. ERAM: Code 7700 causes an emergency indicator to blink in the data block.

    6. Intercept or escort aircraft services are required.
    7. The need for ground rescue appears likely.
    8. An Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) signal is heard or reported.
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