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    Use the following techniques to the extent possible when you provide radar assistance to a pilot not qualified to operate in IFR conditions:

    1. Avoid radio frequency changes except when necessary to provide a clear communications channel.
    2. Make turns while the aircraft is in VFR conditions so it will be in a position to fly a straight course while in IFR conditions.
    3. Have pilot lower gear and slow aircraft to approach speed while in VFR conditions.
    4. Avoid requiring a climb or descent while in a turn if in IFR conditions.
    5. Avoid abrupt maneuvers.
    6. Vector aircraft to VFR conditions.
    7. The following must be accomplished on a Mode C equipped VFR aircraft which is in emergency but no longer requires the assignment of Code 7700:
      1. TERMINAL. Assign a beacon code that will permit terminal minimum safe altitude warning (MSAW) alarm processing.
      2. EN ROUTE. An appropriate keyboard entry must be made to ensure en route MSAW (EMSAW) alarm processing.
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