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    1. Consider the following factors when recommending an emergency airport:
      1. Remaining fuel in relation to airport distances.
      2. Weather conditions.

        NOTE: Depending on the nature of the emergency, certain weather phenomena may deserve weighted consideration when recommending an airport; e.g., a pilot may elect to fly farther to land at an airport with VFR instead of IFR conditions.

      3. Airport conditions.
      4. NAVAID status.
      5. Aircraft type.
      6. Pilot's qualifications.
      7. Vectoring or homing capability to the emergency airport.

      NOTE: In the event of an Emergency Autoland system activation, the system will select a suitable airport and advise ATC. The Emergency Autoland system does not consider closed runways, equipment on the runway, construction, or other possible airport hazards when selecting a suitable airport.

    2. Consideration to the provisions of subparagraph a and paragraph 10-2-16, Guidance to Emergency Airport, must be used in conjunction with the information derived from any automated emergency airport information source.
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