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  • 10-2-18. VOLCANIC ASH

    1. If a volcanic ash cloud is known or forecast to be present:
      1. Relay all information available to pilots to ensure that they are aware of the ash cloud's position and altitude(s).
      2. Suggest appropriate reroutes to avoid the area of known or forecast ash clouds.

      NOTE: Volcanic ash clouds are not normally detected by airborne or air traffic radar systems.

    2. If advised by an aircraft that it has entered a volcanic ash cloud and indicates that a distress situation exists:
      1. Consider the aircraft to be in an emergency situation.
      2. Do not initiate any climb clearances to turbine-powered aircraft until the aircraft has exited the ash cloud.
      3. Do not attempt to provide escape vectors without pilot concurrence.
      • NOTE:
      • 1. The recommended escape maneuver is to reverse course and begin a descent (if terrain permits). However, it is the pilot's responsibility to determine the safest escape route from the ash cloud.
      • 2. Controllers should be aware of the possibility of complete loss of power to any turbine-powered aircraft that encounters an ash cloud.
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